Open Architecture Manager of Managers Approach:

  • Separately managed
  • Over 14,000 mutual funds
  • Select the most opportunities for return, quality, longevity, and risk
Large Cap Core Equity Fund:
Blend of Manager of Managers approach with individually managed large cap core equity fund:
  • Individually Managed
  • Customized group of funds
  • Provides cost savings, tax efficiency, and choice
Additional Offerings:
Variety of alternative investments, including private equity, managed futures, hedge funds and other non-traditional asset classes.

Investment Management with You at the Center

The Enterprise Investment Advisors client-centric approach begins and ends at the same point: your unique needs. We begin by understanding your current position, your future goals and the objectives that must be included in a successful plan.

After careful analysis, we match your objectives to practical actions, balancing ambitions with a clear assessment of risk. As we pursue that strategy, we continually communicate with you, one-on-one, to review your plan and assess our progress. At all times, our process is conducted under strict regulatory oversight; every action is monitored by our portfolio managers, relationship managers, and investment committee and reported directly to you.

An approach for the long-term

We believe in rigorous investment discipline, regardless of the economic winds. While we will continually evaluate the strategic allocation of your assets, we favor prudent investing for long-term performance.

Transparency and accountability

As investment and trust advisors, we hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standards. Our compensation model is completely transparent, and based on fees, not on commissions.

Our asset allocation strategy and portfolio construction are continuously reviewed through weekly investment committee meetings. You always have access to your portfolio through an online portal where you can track performance and apply easy-to-use yet sophisticated analytic tools.

Furthermore, we have controls in place to ensure full accountability as an organization and among all our staff. Together, we fulfill a strict code of ethics to ensure compliance with regulatory demands and with your expectations for the highest standards of conduct.

Advanced research for personalized investment options

Through our relationship with Fortigent Advisors, LLP, a leading source of top-ranked investment research talent, we screen more than 4,000 separately managed accounts that track over 14,000 mutual funds. This open architecture, Manager of ManagersSM approach to due diligence yields the most appropriate investment opportunities based on historical returns, management quality, longevity, investment style and risk profile. More importantly, it allows us to hand-select managers with styles that match your investment goals.

For clients who prefer a more customized approach, we also offer a tailored investment strategy, which includes our Large Cap Core Equity fund, a proprietary blend of value and growth stocks. This tailored portfolio provides you direct ownership in some of America's largest companies.

Your core investments may be supplemented with an array of alternative investments, individual stocks, bonds, and/or other fixed-income assets to craft a well-rounded portfolio tailored to your ultimate objectives. Weekly reviews and continuous monitoring help us assess your portfolio's progress and make adjustments as needed.