"Business owners today are truly challenged. They are trying to do what is best for their employees when it comes to retirement plans and profit plans, while at the same time address succession plans when it comes to management and ownership. Enterprise Investment Advisors was built to help business owners address both of these challenges."

– Robert M. Lawlor, Vice President, Senior Financial Consultant

Business Investment Services

Successful businesses face special obligations – to their owners, their employees and to sustainable progress. For the busy business person focused on current operations and future strategies, Enterprise Investment Advisors offers in-depth services that address retirement, profit-sharing and succession plans.

Retirement planning and 401(k) plans
To help you meet the strict fiduciary obligations that come when you sponsor an employee retirement or 401(k) plan, we guide you to the most competitive investment options and diligently monitor your plan's performance. Once your plan is in place, our Certified Financial Planners provide ongoing education and consulting for sponsors and participants. Easy-to-understand educational material and onsite training sessions enable employees to define their contribution level, risk tolerance, allocation strategy, and investment selections. Our client website makes it easy for employees to monitor and make changes to their investment accounts along with an online retirement planning tool to keep them on track through every stage of life.
Profit-sharing plans
For employers who want to extend employee benefits beyond traditional retirement plans, Enterprise Investment Advisors can help structure alternative profit-sharing options.
Succession planning
Our experienced professionals can help you create and execute succession plan strategies – such as buy/sell agreements – for the mutual advantage of current and future owners.